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Sarah Coyne Books

The Book of scrolls

This is a book based on a tiny little box my family have had for centuries. This box contains 150 scrolls, each with its own message. It is meant to be used as a form of divination and guidance every day.

99 Ways to rid yourself of toxic relationships

Do you live in fear of the phone ringing? Do you dread family get-togethers? Are you in a relationship that is quite literally making you sick? Do you dread every encounter with a particular person?
If you answered to any of these, chances are you are in a toxic relationship. There are many different types of people who can make your life a living hell so why not do something to change that? In this book you will discover 99 ways to identify these toxic individuals, deal with them and rid yourself of their influence and intrusion into your life.

Solomons pond

The universe is the greatest teacher humans have and we need to listen now more than ever. This book contains eleven ‘lessons’, although there are others hidden amongst its pages and, as in life, it is for the seeker to find them. The things we need to learn are generic but everyone is different and we each have different, personal lessons to learn, however hard or easy they may be.
This book is for all those who feel discontent with their life. Sometimes we realise there is something lacking in our life and acknowledge the disconnectedness of all. This realisation can come in many forms, from tiredness to lack of enthusiasm for our job to our very food that tastes of nothing. We see ourselves as trees in winter whose leaves have gone, with no glimmer of spring to awaken us.

The Unhealthy Choice: School recipes

If you were a child growing up in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s and you had school dinners, then this book is for you. Those really amazing recipes of cornflake tart, cheesy Catherine Wheels can all be found in here. There is of course, the creme de la crème of deserts: Chocolate Concrete. The hardest pudding known, chocolate concrete was the best pudding ever especially as you had to whack it so hard with your fork and spoon to break it up, as you just couldn't wait for the chocolate custard to soften this miracle of the school kitchen.
Indeed, this is a cook book with a difference, every recipe in here is from the school dinners we had as children during those years at school in between Tiswas, and Blue Peter, the Magic Roundabout and Play Away.
So relive your childhood and educate your own children with a trip down the memory food lane, and cook up some 1970s treats from the dinner hall.

Rainbow Child

Rainbow Child tells the story of young Rebekah and the people she discovers as her family settle in a new town far from their ancestral home in Ireland. Set in the 1970s, dark family secrets begin to unravel and her life takes many turns both delightful and terrifying as the story builds to a tragic and breathless climax that just keep going. This is a story of how we look at others who are 'different'. Through the eyes of Rebekah, writing equally with passion and humour, we see the truth in human nature. Rainbow Child is the brilliant debut novel from S.L. Coyne and was a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Awards of 2014.

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