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Reviews - Tudorbeth


Tudorbeth (Author of A Spellbook for the Seasons) ( February 2, 2022 Tudorbeth has created a spellbinding book that features spells and recipes that make the most of every season. Summertime features the festivals of midsummer and Lammas with a list of plants to attract bees and how to cast a Lammas spell. Recipes include rose petal jam, lilac jelly, honeysuckle syrup, and eggplant chutney. The Autumn season details how hedgewitches can use mist and fog as a powerful vehicle to travel to other realms. Recipes include rosemary jelly, goddess jam, pumpkin and apple chutney, and blackberry syrup. As with the other seasons, Tudorbeth includes enchanting crafts (such as a Samhain centerpiece) and spells (such as the September storm spell and October tree ribbon magic). Winter takes you through healing days, marmalades, magic water, cloud divination, and snow bath tonic. Recipes include winter spice chutney, Winter Solstice Brew, earl grey marmalade, and cranberry jelly. Each section will have you seeing the seasons in new ways. You'll come to appreciate the cold and the heat with all that each season can bring.


Tudorbeth takes this guide and uses it to inspire you to create your own connection to each season, to encourage empowerment, and to find the magic that exists all around you. The elementals you connect with each season include elves, leprechauns, and the lady of the lake in Spring, mermaids and nymphs in Summer, will-o-the-wisps, salamanders, and Our Lady of Magic in Autumn, and Jack Frost, unicorns, and pixies in Winter. The book is well-organized by season with each section containing a variety of recipes, spells, elementals, and crafts. Springtime comes with a look at the festivals of Ostara and Beltane, recipes that include dandelion beer and rhubarb jams, and crafts that will teach you how to make Ostara centerpieces. Those needing a little luck in their lives will learn about the use of the charms that March has to offer which includes scarabs, clovers, and coins. The book serves as an introduction and guide to seasonal magic with spells, rituals, and recipes that are easy to follow. Seasonal Magic will teach you how to connect to each season and make the most of the vegetables and fruits that grow through a variety of delicious recipes that features fresh ingredients. Infinity Sisters Reviews

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