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Flora Beth -Edwards

FloraBeth writes the Fae Sagas a series of books all about an ancient secret world of legends and myths in which Ava must rescue not only the human world but also the world of Fae, fairies, witches, mermaids, and the odd dragon.

Flora-Beth Edwards is currently seeking representation for her children's 13 book series, The Fae Sagas, along with her many picture books including several series on many different characters.

The Faery Codex

Ava s father is missing, taken captive by secret forces in the hidden realm of Fae. Working with her mysterious aunts and ancient, magical family, Ava sets out on a perilous journey to free him. Despite advice from the King and Queen of Fae, she still lacks confidence and skill. Especially against the like of venomous Robin Goodfellow. The Faery Codex is a wondrous voyage into a secret, dangerous world.

The Hieroglyphic Fae: The Sacred Language of Fairies

The Hieroglyphic Fae: The Sacred Language of Fairies by Professor R. G. Fellows, Edited by Flora-Beth Edwards, is the beginning of a series of books about the mysterious and yet, also dangerous world of the Fae. This book tells how the Professor has discovered a secret form of ancient writing in the British Isles, which tells the secrets of the fairies. It begins to describe their belief systems, their world, and the things that are important to them. This is a book that has never been written before and is charming in it innocence. It begins to unravel when we learn that the Professor himself, has gone missing on a field expedition to Wiltshire, and thereby creating a mystery. The Hieroglyphic Fae is a magical little book of pure imagination and creativity, and will charm anyone with its story.

The Dragon, The Witch and The Thirteen: 2 (The Fae Sagas)

Ava, the twelve year old girl descended from a line of witches and blessed with with the Gift of Time, takes centre stage again on her continuing journey of self-discovery in this, the second of the Fae Sagas. Seeking the next treasure in freeing her captured father, she ventures further into the world of fae, encountering fearsome enemies set on destroying the world. To defeat them, she must secure the way for the Celtic Messiah by recovering the Sacred Thirteen Treasures of the Celts through a series of clues left by her father and those who have gone before, helped by a host of intriguing characters, not only her powerful aunts but also their familiars and protectors, including the dragon, Samphire. Will Ava be able to find the treasure in time for Lammas? Will she find the witch’s secret name? And will she finally meet her mother? All is revealed in this enthralling story for young adult readers.


Felix Trash and the Moon Rock is another charming story from Flora-Beth Edwards, one more story no-one will read! This delightful story is a new environmental re-telling of the Genie and the Lamp story. Instead, Felix Trash finds a moon rock and upon rubbing it frees the alien who lives within. Enjoy or not!

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